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thin sky lines
spinning suns
on hospital blankets

two washing baskets
reeds loosening
by a bridge

buttercup yellow   the sheen of the sky

in the rain forest,
the whistle of
a tree fall

Sebright bantam
searching for a new lover
in wet farmyard

domestic fly
a monster on the
doll house chandelier

derelict convent –
black and white little bird
on the windowsill

discarded Barbie
water seeping
through her limbs

between the rain clouds,
yellow furze
atop the hill

a pointing spire –
the purples and blues
of the winter sky

house deserted –
rhubarb stumps
in the back garden

a potato mound –
old ship sails
keep it dry

a lettuce head
curling to its heart –
the only one unplucked

rainy summer over –
the hatchet handle

on the roof trusses
in the old factory
owls waiting

the Battalion tailor
repairing the suits
nibbled by birds

ladybird hiking
on the road of the blade –

dusk thickens
bats disturb
choral evensong

All the haiku have previously been published in magazines and anthologies.

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